Ladies and gentleman I give to you Shawn Skelton, yet another person whose life has been completely ruined by receiving the so called Covid-19 Vaccine.

This time it’s the Moderna Vaccine proving that in fact all three brands of the vaccine are ticking time bombs and their mid to long term side effects have not been tested! People need to wake up, yes Covid-19 is real, it’s the real Flu, and nothing more than a new strain of the flu virus (Corona) that the SAME NUMBER of people die from every year, but this time it is being overly hyped using fear tactics to frighten you into compliance, THERE IS NO PANDEMIC! This whole issue is a money making cash grab combined with a freedom crippling scare tactic and in the end part of a larger long term population reduction plan brought to you by a man (Bill Gates) and a few companies who strongly believe in eugenics, population control and that the world population needs to be reduced using vaccination (A direct quote from Bill Gates) and maintain the total global population of humanity to under 500,000,000 with continued use of more vaccination as well as abortion.

Shawn Skelton is a professional CNA from Oakland City and on the morning of Monday January 4th 2021 she was a perfectly healthy functioning member of society. Then she got the Moderna Vaccine and on Tuesday she started showing Flu symptoms but was able to go to work. Then on Wednesday she had to call out of work as the flu symptoms worsened and her tongue started to uncontrollably spasm causing her to not be able to talk right as well as eat or drink properly or get rest as the spasms would continue while she attempted to sleep.  Then on Thursday her body started to go into uncontrollable full body spasms and this has continued since. Since January 8th she has been attempting to get help and share this information with the world, she has been denied, turned away and told nothing is wrong or can be done. MRI, CT scan and blood cultures failed to produce anything to help!

” If you are considering the vaccine for Covid….. the MODERNA…. I would advise against it! I’m in bad shape! Everyday getting worse and I’m not getting help or answers! I’m scared to death to say the least! And to find someone willing to attempt to figure this out hasn’t been very successful! I went to 2 hospitals today, walked out of deaconess and went to St Vincent. No answers there either. They say let’s see a neurologist (who knows when they can see me) yesterday my tongue began to spasm and it hasn’t quit. Today my whole body has been convulsing all day! They sent me home!! I’m posting 2 videos that are quite embarrassing if you know me but I want you to see what’s happening to me! Just please pray for me.”

Since then also Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube have throttled her videos, they have even deleted them and when anyone re-shares them they are either removed or slammed with nonsense fact check claims to support big pharmaceutical propaganda! We are all seeing it first hand, but we are being told that we are not, right out of The Ministry of Truth hand book from George Orwell’s book “1984” And now they are spending millions to bury these videos, other reports of negative side effects and even discredit any people or doctors that come to the defense of these people. If you pray please pray for her!

In closing these vaccines are not safe and if you value your life you should not get one! They are not even vaccines they are genetic therapy which will destroy your immune system using Pathogenic Priming. The Covid-19 pandemic is fundamentally a lie, Covid-19 is nothing more than another corona (Flu) variation and the same percentage of people that increase in deaths this year all the way back to 2017 are exactly the same, in fact 2020 is even less then the percentage forecasted! The mask does not work, its mealy a symbol of compliance and submission and all of this is about politics, control, money and part of a much larger plan of population control for the green religion as well as the destruction of western society! One of the simplest ways to see if a society it under a pandemic is to simply look at the homeless population of any one area. Homeless populations are fundamentally made up of older people, they lack in nutrition, hydration and hygiene as well as living in very close spaces which abandon any social distancing all of which are massive factors in spreading any pandemic such as Covid-19 is being presented to us. We should be seeing a massive drop in the homeless population due to plague like death numbers and viral spread! Guess what? We aren’t! In fact, we are seeing a large growth in the homeless population across America, the so call pandemic has had no effect on the homeless whatsoever once again proving the whole pandemic is subterfuge and predicated on a lie! Stand up people, refuse and resist by all means necessary!

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