Tom Wolf: The Grinch That Stole Christmas!

Tom Wolf featured as the grinch, ready to steal christmas from all the $2.80/hour workers

Imagine you’re a single mother of 3, working as a bartender at a downtown night club that has had lack luster attendance due to limited hours, shutdowns and capacity limitations. During these trying times, you have one thing to look forward to that offers a glimpse of hope for a return to normal.

It’s that time of year, Thanksgiving eve is upon us, but 2 days before the biggest party night of the year, a dastardly old Grinch in Pennsylvania with a heart far too small to measure with any American metrics has decided that not only was he going to steal your thanksgiving, he was going to make sure none of the who’s in Pennsylvania could afford Christmas either.

This year in Pennsylvania the times have been more trying now than ever before. It’s not bad enough that there are people banging dope on the sidewalks in Philadelphia in broad daylight. More and more thriving upstart cities have become crime ridden as more and more democrat mayors take control. Just look at what a bang up job Harrisburg has done in raising their crime statistics, daily shootings, and becoming more impoverished. This is a trend across the state. Look no further than York, Wilkes-Barre, Hazelton, Allentown and Pittsburgh to see how mismanagement on a local level can take one of the most promising places to live and turn it into a social-economical nightmare, coupled with some of the highest taxes in the country! All this is compounded by a governor who has taken his last term as an opportunity to be the biggest tyrant in the states history.

To start the year Tom Wolf flooded the nursing homes with covid patients and was single handedly responsible for the deaths of thousands of the elderly in Pennsylvania. In fact, Dr Levine went to the extent of taking their own mother out of a nursing home prior to the covid flood to ensure she didn’t wind up in the same scenario. Could you imagine if every Pennsylvanian could’ve had that foresight, how many less deaths there would be?

Across the country we were told that all they wanted to do was flatten the curve. “Just 2 weeks to flatten the curve”, “just stay home”, “just wear a mask”, the virtue signaling was endless, and while many seen the foolishness for what it was, most people stayed home. Many people wore masks despite being told initially by the CDC not to. Then we were told the CDC lied so people wouldn’t use all the masks that were so desperately needed by the medical community.

Tom Wolf however doubled down!
Not that he himself suffered at all. While forcing other cabinet companies to shut down operations, Tom Wolf kept his cabinet company running during the early onset of closures. Granted, he no longer is the operator of the company, however he does still own stock in the company. He also owned significant stock in Wolf furniture, which he sold off prior to the executive closure orders, and ironically enough, if irony was scripted, and not ironic at all, Wolf furniture went under after the closures. Seems like a classic take of insider trading to me. During the summer he reopened York county for the weekend of his daughters wedding, only to step back on those restrictions due to an uptick in cases, and when he needed to buy a fleet of vehicles, he traveled to Ohio to close the deal due to Pa being closed, sending our tax dollars right to Ohio. These regulations only apply to the peasants, not the kings in charge mind you.

So where do we rank as peasants? How many mothers who bar-tend for a living and were already gonna have a tight Christmas won’t be able to do Christmas? How many Uber drivers, who depend on thanksgiving eve to be the night that they bank between 400 and 500 to make up for how shifty November is, will be out that month and will have to miss a mortgage payment? 2 days notice? Tom Wolf and his reign as governor is a whole clown show, and its atrocious that a leftist talking piece like, who carries so much influence in Pa is not speaking out against such atrocities.

We spoke with Kirsten Reese, a 32 year old bartender from Harrisburg, Pa. She is a single mother whose son’s father isn’t just not in the picture, he’s deceased. Her issue not only comes with the latest arbitrary 5 pm curfew tomorrow, it’s been effected by the whole shut down. “I was a full time bartender making an average of 800 a week.” She makes $5/hr base in this positon. “Im lucky to make $200 in tips every other week now because my bar-tending his got cut down when our capacity got cut down.” This of course has effected her, not only on the job, but in her everyday ability to provide for herself and her child, “I was able to collect unemployment at first, then when we went back I picked up hours in the kitchen. Now I’m apparently making too much to claim. It’s something but nothing near what I was making before. I’m very behind on rent and on electric. Christmas will be very sad, as well as Thanksgiving.”

When the covid first hit, there was talk of the death numbers. The best case scenario we were given was 2 million people were going to die by summer. That was the science. It wiped out the elderly. Now we don’t hear about the death rate. We hear about the infection rate. Like a cold/flu, people will become infected. The ones who will die are immune system compromised. But when you look at the CDC YTD totals on deaths cardiac arrest fell off greatly, pneumonia deaths almost no existent, and cancer is way down, however suicide rate is up significantly. Its not that those people aren’t dying. They still are. They’re just dying from a comorbidity. When you have a covid infection and they die from pneumonia, but the doctors track it as covid. There is a financial incentive to do such a thing, and it brings a new vaccine to market, it lines the pockets of the super rich pharma companies and it completely compromises the integrity of the medical system. Tom Wolf is just an example of this mismanagement of government influence during this pandemic scenario, but this over reach is seen state to state in the democrat ran administrations. If you’re in one of these cities, and you’re experiencing holiday shutdowns, your Grinch has stolen Christmas.

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