To everyone who has questions about the truth behind covid, I have answers. These are researched and cultivated for your viewing convience. To avoid opinions, and even the biased fact checkers, we will only address .gov and .org websites:

-Masks are a symbol of slavery, meant to silence and show that the property has no voice.…/the-mask-remembering…

-One of the leading causes in deaths during the Spanish Flu was the mask. When you breathe particulates from the human mouth, and breathe them into cloth, they will dry. upon their drying they can be inhaled into the lungs, and in doing this it can cause one to get pneumonia.

-Victims of rape, and other violent treatment tend to suffer from PTSD. Putting persons who are sensitive to the feelings of being bound into a masked scenario can create a very traumatizing experience for persons who suffer from such afflictions.

-Persons with medical conditions cannot in many circumstances even remotely have their oxygen levels decreased.-Masking the masses is part of Satanic Rituals. Not knowingly falling into this is a smite to god, but now, being aware of this, and continuing to do so is worse.

-Last and most disturbing is that it’s just about the mask. Not about the safety. For example, Neck gaiters do more to spread particulates than to stop them, however, those wishing to appease their slave masters will wear one for the sake of complying. I have seen this done with Halloween masks as well. It does nothing for the safety of others. It’s just a virtue signal to show that you care, when in reality you do not. The only thing that shows you care is using a N95 mask. My mask does not protect you and yours me. These are just buzz words, these are virtue signal phrases. The next one to come down the pipeline is jabs for jobs.

-Coronavirus testing is faulty at best. To live in fear over man’s error is backwards. In fact, The FDA rates a 70% false positive rate!…/potential-false-positive-results…

-Coronaviruses are over 10,000 years old….

-When testing for coronavirus, we already know they cannot detect the disease as is, but ALL forms of coronavirus (ie the common cold) will register as positive.…/can-you-tell-if-its-flu-or-covid…

THE MEDIA HAS FACT CHECKS AGAINST ALL OF THESE PIECES OF INFORMATION. As stated earlier, they come from government documents and from independent organizations, which is far more reliable to source your information from than the biased news media. In fact, you cannot even use google to search for these terms. You have to use to find any factual information outside of controlled news and media. The populists gullibility is sad, and we need to find god. Only God is going to protect you from harm. This is not the way of God. Jesus would not have singled out his followers out of his own fear for his own well being. Jesus walked among the lepers. He did not cower in fear. He knew that God’s will be done. In 2020 it is super sad to see so many people in bondage. Masks are for the sick. Not for the healthy.


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