The Covid Experiment

Nothing about safety all about control…

When it comes to vaccines there has been a long understanding that the good of mankind did not apply to all involved in the process. At the expense of injury, humans have been live guinea pigs in what could be better refered to as the human experiment. There have been many proven side effects of these injections that have been acknowledged by the CDC and they have even gone to the extent of listing these side effects including those mild to serious (

So when it comes to the Covid vaccine, there are clearly concerns that should be looked at. Leading up to the development, a Covid-19 vaccine trial participant had serious neurological symptoms according to the AstraZeneca CEO. In fact, this concern is carried feverently by the NIH
( Common sense tells us that logistically this is a possibility as we know a vaccine takes a dead or weakened form of a virus, and injects it into a host so the host can develop antibodies for it, so you would suspect that the Covid vaccine would, at the very least, run the risk of causing such side effects in the bodies of those hosts of which its injected. In fact, Covid-19 frequently causes neurological damages (

So when the wife of a man from Chennai, India told New Delhi Television (NDTV) her husband was given a dose of the COVID-19 vaccine developed at Oxford University by AstraZeneca in October as part of a test trial. Shortly thereafter he developed severe neurological symptoms that prevent him from completing simple tasks and ultimately led to him losing his job. This is not isolated to this single symptom or case.

For the sake of avoiding conspiracy, lets assume that Covid-19 vaccine development, trials and experiments all began in the last 300 days. We know these vaccines are set to be fast tracked to the public, and in some cases, like in England, its being discussed that vaccines would be required to have, obtain and maintain a job. At what level of your own personal safety, are you willing to risk everything for an unproven vaccine? Well, China has quietly vaccinated more than 100,000 people for Covid-19 before completing safety trials, but with the strict rule of Chinese communism, it becomes quite possible that those involved may not have been willing participants.

Xinjiang re-education camps

With a wealth of test subjects in Xinjiang re-education camps, we can only guess at how much human experimentation has been carried out by the communist Chinese government, but its something we know they’re not afraid to do. With that said, America doesn’t have a pool of forced test subjects. At what point does the social stigma, the fear mongering and the projected 2nd and 3rd wave put people in a situation where they feel they must get the vaccine, and at what cost?

In America we are told that there are several vaccines that are almost ready to be distributed. We’re more fortunate than those in the third world that have been subjected to faulty polio vaccines, early case study covid vaccines and the such. Its a first world privilege.

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