Non-Vaccinated Persons Developing Serious Health Issues After Contact With Vaccinated Persons, John Hopkins Center For Health Security Points To “Self-Spreading Vaccines” Technologies.

There are numerous reports coming in (and being quickly scrubbed off the internet) that people are getting very sick, developing serious health issues and severe side effects coming into contact with people who have received the Covid-19 vaccine but they themselves have not. Several accounts referring to non-vaccinated persons coming into physical contact with a vaccinated persons skin, sweat and or saliva point to actual physical contact where is other events described as “having been in close quarters with a vaccinated person ” have had a similar bad reaction to those non-vaccinated suggesting that there is possibly something is being emitted through the breath of the vaccinated as well. Some of the stranger reports being people pets, especially dogs not going near anyone after they have received their first and second shot, another account of family who has had their family dog die within a week of the entire family being vaccinated all the way to multiple reports of non-vaccinated woman who have been in contact with vaccinated persons menstruation cycles becoming “problematic”  attributing this to more pain,  drastically off their normal schedule and having a massive difference in flow. 

Self-Spreading Vaccines?

John Hopkins Center for Health Security “Technologies to Address, Global Catastrophic Biological Risks” report on page 47-49 skills this as being “Self-Spreading Vaccines” technologies that is included in the mRNA we find used in the Covid-19 vaccines. (Read this here)

“How Do We Do It Now?”

Regardless it is pretty clear there is a situation developing and those who are non-vaccinated may want to stay away from those who are vaccinated at the very least the time being.


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