No one can afford to live in Biden’s america!

After the final debate I am not sure anyone’s mind is changed on who they’re voting for, in fact many Americans have cast their votes through the mail already, but it is the things that went unsaid that are going to shine the brightest to the undecided voters.

When you read the Biden tax plan, you will find that this includes a plan to tax you on your house at 3% of its value. This is above and beyond your current property taxes you pay now! For families making $50k or more, your taxes will go up $7,800 over a 10 year period, and he plans to cut out, at a loss of $750 a year, the Trump middle class tax cuts.

Biden also wants to tax your 401(k) IRA’s. Do people realize that until 1983 you paid no taxes on Social Security but Biden put up the bill and sponsored it to tax Social Security at 50% and then raised it to 80%! This isn’t even taking into consideration the return of the affordable care act which penalized Americans with a tax foe not carrying health care.

This is problematic to many americans who feel over taxed as it stands. The same individuals rallying for a $15 minimum wage are the same ones casting a vote that would see their take home pay drastically slashed. Effectively, what can we do?

Historically, we have seen the american people do nothing. So we understand at this point, if the election goes to Biden, we will see the disappearance of the middle class. We will see many middle class jobs in the fuel and energy industry go away, and were almost guaranteed to see an immediate recession with these new policies.

Its a simple equation. When the middle class has more money to spend, they will sped it, simulating the economy. This is why, even through shut downs, lay offs and a pandemic, why we have seen americans spending as if nothing has changed. Its also a big reason why we haven’t seen hyper inflation even with the rising costs of doing business. Americans are confident in their country, its dollar and our independence. In one years time, we may not see things this way. Depending on this election, Americans may have less to spend, and more to pay. By this time next year we could be facing one of the worst periods in american history.

Trump may not be the nicest guy. He may not be Ms. Congeniality. In fact, he may be one of the lost brash and ruse people to ever reach such a position of power. What he brings to the table is a 4 year track record that shows he isn’t against the people, no matter how sensitive to his words you choose to be.

This isn’t fear mongering. Its all laid out in the Biden tax plan. If you’re voting in the hopes of getting rid of trump, it’s not any different than cutting off your hand to spite your face.

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