More Hard Evidence of Voter Fraud and Voter Tampering Caught Live! (Watch Video)

More Hard Evidence of Voter Fraud and Voter Tampering Caught Live! Watch the video!

How much more do you people need to see to merit EVERYONE left and right demanding a massive investigation into this and all of the other voter fraud. YES, the media is in on it, yes they are rooting for the Democratic candidate THIS TIME but next time it might be the Democratic under the bus! Case and point is with a country as great and powerful as ours there is a massive value in being able to control and manipulate our government! From the Presidency, down to local government it is very clear by all the reports, videos, the easy of voter machine and data hacking, signed affidavits and hard even more hard evidence that the powers that be call it the deep state or whatever you want, but whoever it is has dispatched numerous nefarious tactics in the attempt to steal this election! Wake up people, all people, all sides and demand not only a recount and a full audit with signature and photo verification or a nationwide revote with 100% voter photo ID verified at the time of voting with matching signatures. The ONLY mail in ballots are to be from our military abroad and those sick or in the hospital no one else. If you can shop in a Walmart and the masks work you can vote in person ON the day of the election end of story! Demand this of our elected officials or else. What can be done? Just ask our nation’s founders what can be done! Write, call and email your representatives and demand they stand up for the cornerstone of our nation, our voting security

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