Mail Fraud + Voter Fraud = The 2020 Democratic Party Campaign Strategy! (Watch Video)

Your Mail Being Thrown Out!

Numerous cases of voter fraud have been reported in the past four years and have become more prevalent. Couple that with the fact that mail fraud is rampant currently and what you get is the 2020 Democratic party campaign strategy! Every Democratic strategist has said that Joe Biden stands no chance against Donald Trump in a debate much less the General election. They know he has no chance in winning so instead they have to turn all of their energy and efforts towards voter fraud, using the USPS along with the Covid-19 scare to attempt to fundamentally steal the election from the people. Ask yourself these questions, why is it the Democratic Party is so adamantly against voter ID? Why is the Democratic Party pushing mail in ballots this cycle more than ever before? Why is the Democratic Party rallying behind the US postal system? Why is the Democratic Party the driving force behind the COVID-19 scares, the riots, and all of the civil unrest using Antifa and BLM? They are trying to undermine the US election by any means necessary, leaving it to a supreme court justice decision where we have compromised justices like Justice John Roberts, who has appeared numerous times on the Epstein flight list for the pedophile island, and social warrior justices such as Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Justice Sonia Sotomayor and Justice Elena Kagan who have been groomed and prepared to handover the US election to Joe Biden and the Democratic Party. Wake up people vote in person, do not trust mail in ballots or the US mail system for something this important!

Mail Fraud + Voter Fraud = The 2020 Democratic Party Campaign Strategy!

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