Joe Biden: molestation, laptop evidence and social media’s communist level censorship.

Social media and big tech have taken huge steps in using Communist level censorship against the American people. It started with Alex Jones when social media and online platforms went the point of unperson-ing him from all social media platforms. The washington post praised the censorship of ‘dangerous speech’. The irony of that situation 2 years later.

The Washington Post released information regarding a laptop taken to a repair shop in Delaware by Hunter Biden. Immediately Twitter took to the offensive to ensure this information would never see the light of day. Fortunately the story was too big to go unnoticed, and here we are seeing damming information coming out every day. Combining that information with a lack luster debate in which Trump was the clear cut winner, peoples opinions are changing. So much so that the number 1 trending google topic was how to change your mail in vote from Biden to Trump.

As more and more evidence and information about the biden laptops comes out, more and more people are speaking up about Joe Biden. This included information about his daughter Ashley Blazer Biden, who, according to a whistle-blower, writes in her diaries about being molested as a child! Google has chosen to omit this information from their searches, but using the search engine, this information is very easy to find!

The controversies don’t end there tho! On a daily basis information is being leaked through from the Biden laptop scandal, yet the mainstream media doesn’t speak a word. Quite a biased stance considering this is the same media that will take information from the most unreliable sources and release it to the American people like it’s gospel, and by the time the media retracts the story, the damage is already done. Facebook/Instagram has gone to the extent of altogether censoring the links that show the laptop evidence.

What this says is that these companies, which we have entrusted way too much or our personal information to, have decided we’re not responsible enough as a people to make decisions on the content we see. This is a serious issue.

When we allow autonomous organizations control our information without holding them accountable to the people, we lose our freedoms. With these elections it would seem they would rather silence the town square in blatant election meddling then allow responsible adults make informed decisions on what information they consume, and who they elect to the office of presidency.

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