Election Foul Play by the Democratic Party as Republican Poll Workers Refused Access in Detroit MI! (Watch Video)

Here is yet another video clearly proving foul play by the democratic party in attempt to steal the election, blocking republican poll workers, and attempting to hide any evidence to the fact. We have seen video footage in a bunch of states already including Michigan, which is where this new video comes from, right out of Detroit. The absolute ignorance by the democratic party towards our law and the US Constitution is astounding and it is clear that the fraud on many levels cannot be denied! It is time for a full audit of every state and every vote especially in those states where we have seen foul play, inconsistencies and report of misconduct. The ONLY votes that should be counted are legal ones, those that can be verified by signature to ID and that the voter is alive, is a US citizen, has only voted once in this election and is aware that they did in fact vote for the candidate that the record of their ballot shows. Anything short of this demands a re-vote 30 days from now with all votes requiring photo ID that is verified with the signature on file for that voter! It doesn’t matter if you on the left or the right ALL law-abiding Americans with nothing to hide should be behind this to secure a fair election for all. Further it doesn’t matter what the main stream media says at this point, if you cannot already tell they are nothing more than the propaganda arm for the democratic socialist party, you are either part of them or so far asleep you will never wake up!

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