Dr. Simone Gold – The Truth About Covid-19 and The Covid-19 Vaccine.

Dr. Simone Gold

This is one of many doctors speaking out about Covid-19, the Covid-19 vaccine and the disinformation the system has been feeding the public from day one! No doubt the system will attempt to destroy Dr Gold and scrub this video off of the internet hence why we are sharing it too! Watch, learn and share!

One Comment on “Dr. Simone Gold – The Truth About Covid-19 and The Covid-19 Vaccine.”

  1. This is a life changing video. I’m 62 and have just survived breast cancer. I lost my right breast and 2 lymph nodes. I’m in Middleburg Florida and had a great cancer team. Dr. Augusto Villegas is an awesome oncologist and person. This vaccine has not set well in my gut since its inception. I would love the Sunday Sunday pill option. My regular doctor had said if I get Covid it would be really bad for me. I have a new family doctor now. This has been a breath of fresh air. The truth at last. Thank you so much for putting yourself out there with this information. I am going to try to get on your site and get a hold of a pill. I am almost recovered from radiation and am cancer free. In April it will be a year. I need a break from the fear tactics. Keep up the good work!

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