Dr James Lyons Weiler Warns the Covid-19 Vaccine Might Not Kill You at First but in the Long Run It Will Destroy Your Immune System Using Pathogenic Priming.

This is yet another warning from a doctor, one of thousands of other doctors coming from all over the globe warning us that if you value your health and your life you should not get the Covid-19 “vaccine” We use the word vaccine in quotes because it is in fact not a vaccine at all but more so a gene therapy. This time we have Dr James Lyons Weiler who is ringing the alarm bells for Covid-19 Vaccine.

The red flag is not the what is happens on the short-term effects from the Covid-19 vaccine. Meaning the people who get immediate bad side effects from the shot is not the problem it’s the long-term effects that will be far worse. “Serious immediate adverse effects related to receiving the vaccine were equally rare in both groups — vaccine and placebo — at about 0.5%, but the serious problems are coming to light that a staggering 21% of people who have gotten the vaccine on the first trial runs are now having serious, possibly life-threatening adverse events from this vaccine,”

Due to what Dr James Lyons Weiler refers to as “Pathogenic priming”, which has been documented in every other corona virus vaccine, this always leads and contributes to serious and critical illness and mortality via autoimmunity.   Of course, main stream media is doing their best to bury this information as they are playing politics like so many in the medical industry but the evidence still this stuff is deadly!

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