Covid “Vaccines” Are not Vaccines, they are Genetic Modifiers that will re-program your Genetic Code and here’s how they work!

All six of the manufacturers of the emergency approved (Emergency approval means these vaccines have not been tested for human use or approved for human use under normal testing safety guidelines, only temporarily usage have grated under emergency guidelines.) ingredient list including aluminum, mercury and have been tested on aborted fetal tissue. Now if being truly untested and containing at least those known poisons aren’t bad enough add that the key tool that all of these Covid “vaccines” include is mRNA technology to replace our natural DNA/RNA relationship. Big deal, right?

This is how our bodies RNA works

So, what is this mRNA and what does it do? Well in very simple terms the mRNA is Messenger Ribonucleic Acids that are used to introduce a set of instructions to then re-program your DNA AKA Deoxyribonucleic Acid making it open to be further reprogramed at a later date with the further introductions of other new mRNA, hence the need for multiple injections. The first injection will change the genetic code of your DNA unlocking it to now have a “programmable platform” that can be programed time and time again in the future with the introduction of future mRNA that will then be used to produce the proteins, which are fundamentally the ‘workhorses’ of the body used in almost every single body function from movement to memory! The idea (or subterfuge) is that first they will introduce the first batch of mRNA that will change DNA and genetic code to be modifiable unlocking the door for future modifications, and then the second, third and however many shots you will receive after this will be “updates” to your genetic code programing it to do certain new tasks your body wasn’t able to do before. In this case once the mRNA is installed the next batch of mRNA (second shot) will be used to program (or mutate) your DNA to produce what is needed for it to fight off Covid-19.

The huge problem that this presents is mRNA Technology is completely untested especially in this scope and on a long-term scale. Those who are being vaccinated currently are little more than lab rats for the first and second stage of this type of gene therapy, that whatever said therapy does (good or bad) will be irreversible, and last but not least and far worse than all the above, once the first introduction of mRNA has completed its job, it will leave your DNA we completely open and susceptible to any future modification from any source in the future. This mean any introduction of any other mRNA from any source and any delivery system will be able to program your DNA to do whatever they wish. Another shot, airborne agent, absorbed through the skin via contact, all of it is all possible and as far as what that mRNA may change and program, well the sky is the limit because once access is granted to be able to modify your genetic code of your DNA anything is possible. We are talking any third party who possesses the knowledge and the tools to do this will have the ability to effect ever metabolic processes that your body preforms all the way down to a total system shut down. This is the stuff that Science fiction horror movies are made from all now being production on an epic level using fear and social acceptance to influence the masses that this is not only safe, that it’s the “only way” things get back to normal. Trying to convince us that hat thousands of years of genetics, using good eating, exercise and immune boosting health that our God given always advancing time tested, immune system using herd immunity is a “bad gamble” at best!

To that I respond that the only “bad gamble” here is trusting the for profit medical Industry with an untested man-made mRNA to replace our God given and time developed natural RNA. Further there are hundreds of incidents going on all over the country that contradict everything we are being told about the dangers so-called Covid pandemic. One need not look any further to the Amish communities all over the USA, all of which have never vaccinated, never practiced social distancing and never went in for the mask nonsense. 

The Amish do not Vaccinate or social distance.

Further they gather in large groups for church, had very close communities and worked together in extremely close conditions. They have carried on their lived exactly as they have been for hundreds of years which if you believed the main stream science Covid propaganda the Amish would have been so completely vulnerable to the Covid “pandemic” it would have killed them off the face of the planet by now.

No vaccination or social distancing in the homeless community and the hygienic situation is less than par, still no decrease in population? Gee I wonder why?

It’s the same with the homeless population, here you have a population that is far worse and more susceptible to the Covid “pandemic” the then Amish being that they to do not get vaccinated, nor do they practice social distancing and they have far worse hygienic conditions. Not only that but they share small spaces, cups, needles and other drug paraphernalia. If the Covid pandemic was as dangerous as we are being fed we would have seen a massive drop in homelessness due to a massive death toll from homeless but guess what? The homeless community all over are increasing, in fact so much so it is now becoming an additional problem. The infection rate should be huge amongst the homeless, and it isn’t once again proving further that not only is the pandemic not as dangerous as they would like you to believe but that in fact heard immunity of the human immune system works hence no need to risk your future well-being on a “vaccine” which will literally rewrite your genetic code and leave your entire system open to re-programming! No thanks!

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