Common Sense Reignited: The Manifesto America DOESN’T deserve!

The manifesto America DOESN'T deserve

America has become, plain and simple, lazy. When we talk about addressing America’s need for reigniting common sense, the real question is not what we need, but rather if America even deserves it. The ultimate truth… it doesn’t.

When I was a kid growing up, we took the time to learn everything about anything that interested us. We did so without internet, without cell phones, without on-demand programming, and without quick search resources. Anything we wanted to know was in a book… in your library. You had to work to find it too. The Dewey Decimal System ruled the world. We earned our knowledge, and many of us have carried it into the later years of our lives.

Now in the 21st century, information comes to us quickly. Instead of focusing on gaining information and increasing intellect, we have been sucked into the black hole of Vines, TikTok videos, sensational headlines, and 30 second news. So when it comes to taking the time to sit down for 2 hours (as that’s all the time it should take to read this book) America has certainly failed the test.

It was my duty to read this book, not only from a journalistic POV, but as someone who considers themselves a loyal Patriot to the United States of America. As such, I must admit that even 2 hours can be a lot of time, even with a PLANdemic to invest in one solitary piece of information without fidgeting, distractions, or interruptions. I hadn’t been able to read more than 15 minutes at a shot without a child running in to interrupt me. It’s almost to the point where as a society, we have become mass-infected with ADD. Soooo… off to the bathroom I go, reading a chapter at a time.

Thankfully I did. This book goes to the core principals of what America was built on, and offers, as the title promises, a common sense approach to taking America back to its core sense and sensibility. Author Geddy Friedman had taken a chance by releasing such a loaded book in the age of censorship on Amazon and the social media platforms. The common sense he looks to ignite had become taboo in today’s overly sensitive and identity politics America. This is the type of ideology we should strive to achieve, and what we should dedicate ourselves to. But I assure you, until the thought police and cancel culture book burning mentality LEAVES America, America DOESN’T deserve it.

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