Common Sense 101: Voter Fraud

Common Sense 101: You don’t destroy ballots, direct election workers to illegally fill out ballots, refuse audits, block poll workers, run the same ballots over and over, discover ballots that were thrown out, obstruct the view of ballot counting, purchase voting hardware and software that is clearly hackable from companies that are based in countries and founded in or by people that have something to gain by controlling the outcome of an election or who are known enemies of our country and then attempt to cover up the entire thing using the main stream media and beg tech IF you were acting honestly. It is VERY clear the American election of 2020 was rigged, but by who and how long has this been going on are the big questions. Furthermore, what do we do about it at this point? My suggestion is we hold a nationwide re-vote in 30 days with a state recognized photo identification that can be verified. This give 30 days to any adult that doesn’t already have some form of photo ID to get this done by then and if they can’t its clear they do not take this election or our leadership serious enough. The ONLY exception for a mail in ballot should be if you’re in the military actively deployed or have a medical condition, both of which can be verified easily. You need a photo ID to buy cigarettes, open a bank account, apply for food stamps, apply for welfare, apply for Medicaid, rent housing, rent a car, buy a house, get on an air plane, get married, buy a gun, adopt a pet, rent a hotel room, get a hunting or fishing license, buy a cell phone, visit a casino, pick up a prescription, get a license for a rally or protest, donate blood, buy a “M” rated video game but not to vote? As an American, regardless of party affiliation we must demand better especially in regards to something as sacred and important as our vote, the corner stone to our country! If you think this is a joke or sour grapes at this point, you are part of the problem. Regardless of who wins or loses at the end of this, the important thing is we do not accept this clear deception and we demand it be remedy immediately! No one has anything to lose buy a re-vote in 30 days except those who were up to no good!

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