Calling for the resignation of Sheriff of Allegheny County, PA William “Bill” Mullen

The Allegheny County Sheriff’s Office is a law enforcement agency that serves Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, and is the largest sheriff’s office in the state. Two of the county’s deputies supported a local restaurant, The Crack’d Egg, during the shutdown order of Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf. These shutdown orders have been hotly contested as to their actual legal validity and the ability to enforce the policies. The protection for the citizens of Pennsylvania stand in the sole responsibilities of law enforcement and their willingness to stand up for the citizens they’re responsible to protect. 

On Monday December 14th the sherif of Allegheny County Bill Mullen opted to put 2 of his deputies under quarantine, and reassigned them due to their supporting of a business and its employees under the counties jurisdiction. The official press release of the office stated 

“In relation to the two Allegheny County Sheriff’s deputies that were photographed patronizing The Crack’d Egg, the Sheriff’s Office immediately responded to this incident in the following manner:

We were made aware of this situation late Sunday morning and immediately looked into the incident. Based on our preliminary findings, the deputies were immediately taken off the road and reassigned. They were immediately placed in quarantine for 14 days and notified that an internal investigation has been initiated. We are going to take swift disciplinary action if our findings show the deputies were in violation of any policy or order. There will be appropriate action taken to address this situation. The deputies do have due process and we respect that, but if they are found in violation in any way, we do not condone it and will act accordingly. We don’t tolerate any deputy that violates a health order from the governor, the county executive, or any health agency. We have been proactive in issuing policy directives and reminders that we are tasked to enforce that deputies remain compliant with the COVID guidelines.”

When reached out to for comment by, sherrif Mullen’s respons was “no comment”.  The people declined comment. 

The people deserve comment and justification. Therefore, as of today, December 15th, we the people call for the resignation of William “Bill” Mullen

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