Are You in an Abusive Relationship with Social Media?

Are You in an Abusive Relationship with Social Media?

With all of the recent developments in regards to the escalation of social media platforms censoring the free speech of people who they simply don’t agree with, it is clear that our relationships with certain social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube has fallen short of what was once promised. Our usage of these social media platforms has de-evolved to become dysfunctional, cumbersome and ultimately unhealthy but somehow this all has flown under the radar for so many users. While researching this anomaly I happened upon a recent post from a very good friend who outlined and pointed out many of the numerous similarities between the current relationships people have with these platforms of social media and that of being in relationship with an abusive partner, the similarities are staggering to say the least, please take a look.

“The Abusive Partner: I announced my decision to leave Facebook after many years on the platform. There is a reason for this. What started as a “social media” site where people could share their lives together, regardless of what motivated them, has become an “unsocial media” site where only certain views are tolerated. It’s a shame too because the format of the platform has brought many old friends back into my life, and I have met wonderful people from all around the world. I will truly miss sharing in their lives. But Facebook has become an abusive partner who is intent on manipulating and controlling those it is supposed to care for, telling them what they can and cannot say. This doesn’t mean those things which are truly detrimental to a relationship or harmful to others, but rather it involves the pet peeves and personal biases of this hulking brute.

The punished partner is in fear of speaking out concerning his political beliefs. The abused partner is in fear of dissenting on matters of health, even when they are proven false, or when they are absolutely harmful to human beings. Either way, the poor partner is forced into acquiescing to things that are contrary to his own intelligence and what is sound and reasonable.

The muted partner cannot address grievances concerning whether a recent election was actually fair or not – no, not even speak of such things. If anyone voices his opinion on these matters, he is placed in a prison cell for a certain number of days and told never to speak of such things again. If he does, he will be excommunicated from fellowship with all others he has come to be friends with – all for simply not agreeing with this giant, repulsive Neanderthal’s view on issues that are clearly not settled to any reasonable degree of certainty.

The tormented partner is also bombarded with this ogre’s own personal, social, political, and moral views – even when he doesn’t agree with them, and even if there is no desire to participate in them. If Facebook deems that the issue is important, the first thing the poor oppressed partner is forced to see each day is a link to whatever issue is necessary to mold him to the view of Facebook’s overbearing and insistent voice.

Unfortunately for this poor individual, Facebook’s moral compass is not only out of normalcy, it is perverted. Their ideas about politics are not only immoral, they are driven by an ungodly agenda where the subordination of the masses into communist ideology is clearly seen. Their views about medical ethics are so twisted and demented that what they espouse is actually life-threatening. But if one dissents concerning the party line, he is quickly reminded that exile to the lonely place of punishment is just one more click away.

Facebook grows rich off of its partners while they are confined to expressing certain thoughts and certain ideologies – and none other. If one dares to disagree with the beastly titan, Facebook will still get his paycheck, but the poor schlub will be left out in the cold – hungry and with no friends to comfort him in his social media isolation.

In Nazi Germany, the German people tolerated what was going on around them because they didn’t want to be left out of the social society in which they lived. They were unwilling to call out the moral injustices that were happening – right before their eyes. Entire classes of people were secreted away in ghettos. Eventually, they were taken out for extermination – all because the people were unwilling to disagree with the powers around them and to reject their immoral stand. If they did, they too would have been silenced.

That point is coming quickly in the United States of America, and it is being forced upon them through the most unlikely of places – places that didn’t exist when Nazi Germany or Soviet Russia committed their atrocities. It is being forced upon them through social media. And social media is a platform that we willingly participate in. Unless people are prepared to say, “What is happening here is wrong,” the exact same thing is going to happen here that has happened in those countries. Are you going to feed this pig? Are you going to allow this abusive partner to dictate what you can and what you cannot say?

The Constitution of the United States of America has a First Amendment. The first statement of that First Amendment regards the freedom of religion. But this cannot be fully expressed on most social media sites any longer, because true religion – by default – is exclusive. However, exclusivity of thought in matters of religion are no longer tolerated – and all for the sake of “tolerance.” That means that the second precept of the first amendment, freedom of speech, is also no longer acceptable.

Facebook has become the arbiter of what you can and cannot say, while at the same time it has been granted special exception to continue in its favored status by having agreed to NOT accept such a position of authority – something they constantly violate in their interactions with those who are a part of their platform. Facebook removes content arbitrarily, not according to preset and pre-published standards. Because of this, they have become their own standard of what is supposedly true, of what is supposedly moral, of what is supposedly socially acceptable, and of what is supposedly proper and godly.

This cannot be tolerated by those who understand the importance of the freedoms we still possess, even if they are quickly being taken away by the left who controls the government, the media, and most social media. As for me, I will not tolerate it from Facebook any longer.

This is why I am leaving Facebook. It is because Facebook is a manipulative, controlling partner who is intent upon abusing anyone who disagrees with their twisted view of what is decent and moral.

I will be leaving Facebook in the next three days. I suggest that you consider doing likewise;”– Pastor Charlie Garrett, The Superior Word Church, Sarasota, Florida

What Pastor Garrett wrote hits the bullseye time and time again with his post and its quite a wakeup call to those of us that didn’t realize what was going on. Anyone who can see the bigger picture, and separate themselves from the equation can see where this problem is just the start of a very slippery slope towards erosion of EVERYONE’S First Amendment rights regardless of viewpoint and much like in a real life abusive relationship its clear the time is now to make a clean separation from the abuser.

So, what to do now? Does one go social media cold turkey or is there a way to fulfill the tasks we have all come to rely on from these suspect social media sites to preform? No one saw this kind of situation developing which has left these social media companies with a bit of a Monopoly, that is until very recently with the development of a new, much needed crop of Social media platforms! Now while most are in their infant stages we already see a crop of very well designed social media platforms launching with full autonomy from any political or corporate influence, supporting freedom of speech and it looks like there is many upgrades to come. Much like Myspace was rendered obsolete by Facebook, but in reality they committed suicide by their own actions making the platform overloaded with advertising and customization, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube have all now jumped the shark so to speak, but this time the shark is named censorship. This close to extinction death rattle has made a way creating this market for these new platforms. Where you had Facebook you now have MeWe and Gab, where many liked the functionality of Twitter the same experience can be had with CloutHub and the recently relaunched Parler and once where YouTube cornered the video market you will find Rumble, Bitchute and even Gab.TV all of which support free speech and are are now growing exponentially!

Now it’s only a matter of time as the authoritarian social media fascism continues to silence the voices of its users to the point where their membership drops off so far that soon you won’t even remember your log on credentials and to that I say good riddance. So to that I say get out there, explore the new social media platforms, open up some digital real estate and break the chains of censorship, isn’t that why the internet was invented in the first place? #SocialMediaMeToo

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