You Were Tricked, Neutered and Nullified: Trust the Plan + QAnon + x22report + Anonymous = Operation Trust

You Were Tricked, Neutered and Nullified: Trust the Plan + QAnon + x22report + Anonymous = Operation Trust

We were robbed, they stole the election, there is clear evidence to that fact which the deep state system ignores or denies and then they were restricting your freedoms and you were finally ready to do something about it… Remember Don’t tread on me…Everyone ready… Here we go…. and… nothing…What happened?

Well first let’s rewind to the 2020 election. Regardless of what party affiliation you belong to it is extremely clear in light of all of the hard video evidence that has surfaced that the 2020 presidential election was tampered with on an epic level. Even Time Magazine has now come out and bragged about the all too real “conspiracy theory” that was put in place to ensure that Donald Trump would not win the 2020 election. This play came from all sides of the spectrum because they all had one similar thing at risk, their livelihood if the deep state was removed and the swamp was in fact drained. We all saw the rallies, we all saw the draws of people on each side, and there is no chance that Joe Biden received more votes than the democratic golden child Barack Hussein Obama much less the at least 80 million votes that President Trump received. It’s clear to so many that there was a nefarious plot in motion that they intended to steal the election long before November and on that night across the next few weeks that is exactly what they did, right in your face and no one did anything about it, why? Because you let it happen, you did nothing, but not on purpose, instead you were tricked, pacified, put on hold and nullified.

So how was the majority of the sleeping giant put back to bed? How was the hodgepodge of combat veterans, the oath keepers, the gun owners, the patriots, the proud boys and the ones of who make up 90% of law enforcement and military convinced to simply stand down as out country was stolen from us? Allow me to introduce you to an almost too simple tactic from the days of Sun Tzu but more recently branded “Operation Trust” and explain to you how it works.

Operation Trust was a Bolshevik counterintelligence operation run from 1921 to 1926 aimed at neutralizing opposition by creating the false impression that a powerful group of military leaders, or at least some group of experts had already organized to stop or fix the problems at hand, in that case the communists’ takeover and in our case the corrupt deep state from stealing the election from the people.

Simply put when any body politic realizes it is having an unfavorable effect on its citizens or wants to achieve a goal that will be met with disdain, especially one that might cause the citizens to respond in an aggressive manner, instead of attempting to directly attack this threat by using force, which would not only solidify the citizens cause it could also potentially cause damage and cost money. Instead the body politic first attempts to neuter the threat, or at least a majority of the threat and neutralize its ability to grow by using disinformation and subterfuge to pacify them. The flavor they choose to use is one that usually works best with the “good side” of people and that is hope. They leak or plant the idea that there is some larger, unseen power at work, that understands the attempt of the wrong doing of the body politic, and has everything under control. In other words, none of us need to worry, the cavalry is coming and that you, the angry citizens need not do anything at all, because a larger, better equipped entity has it fully under control and its just a matter of time before the trap is sprung on the opposition. The only problem, there is no cavalry coming, there is no superman and no one is coming to save the day this time, there never was, it was all part of Operation Trust. All there will be is more subterfuge, excuses after excuses and explanations to stall you as long as they can to try to keep you from taking action. The goal is the stall you to the point where it is too late for you to do anything about the situation and that is pretty much where we are now.

Here’s an break down on the “Operation Trust” from pages 13-14 of Soviet defector Anatoliy Golitsyn’s book, “New Lies for Old: The Communist Strategy of Deception and Disinformation”:

“They could act as channels for disinformation; A characteristic, but not unique, example of this technique is provided by the so-called “Trust” operation. In 1921, as the NEP was being launched, the OGPU created inside Soviet Russia a false anti-Soviet organization, the Monarchist Alliance of Central Russia. Former members of this organization, among them Czarist generals and members of the old aristocracy who had come over to the Soviet side, nominally led the movement. Their new loyalty to the Soviet regime was not in doubt, for they had betrayed their former friends in the anticommunist underground. Agents of the Trust traveled abroad and established confidential contact with genuine anticommunist emigre leaders in order (osten-sibly) to coordinate activity against the Soviet regime. These agents confided in their contacts that the anti-Soviet mon-archist movement that they represented was now well established in Soviet Russia, had penetrated into the higher levels of the army, the security service, and even the government, and would in time take power and restore the monarchy. They convinced the emigre leaders that the regime had undergone a radical change. Communism had completely failed; ideology was dead; the present leaders had nothing in common with the fanatical revolutionaries of the past. They were nationalists at heart, and their regime was evolving into a moderate, national regime and might soon collapse. The NEP should be seen as the first important concession on the road to restoring capitalism in Russia. Soon political concessions would follow. Because of this, said the Trust agents, any intervention or gesture of hostility from the European powers or the emigre movements would be ill-advised, if not tragic, since it would only unite the Russian people around their government and so extend its survival. The European governments and the emigre leaders should put a stop to anti-Soviet terrorist activities and change their attitude from hostility toward the Soviet regime to one of passive acceptance. There were doubters among the emigres, but the prestige of the leaders of the organization (particularly, of General Brusilov) convinced the majority. They accepted at face value the Trust’s disinformation and passed it on to their influential friends in the European intelligence services.” Think this sounds familiar? Us too!

The one Western historian who had limited access to the Trust files, John Costello, reported that they comprised thirty-seven volumes and were such a bewildering welter of double-agents, changed code names, and interlocking deception operations with “the complexity of a symphonic score”, that it was so well layered that the Russian historians from the Intelligence Service had difficulty separating fact from fantasy.

This is exactly how they neutralize any resistance in the United States to the one world government communist plan to not only steal the election but to do it in such a manner right in the open without any fear of repercussions. We the people watched it unfold, got angry, but the larger percentage of these people who might normally have acted instead sat by on the sidelines waiting for this great “Hail Mary” plan that was leaked to them by things like QAnon and Anonymous to unfold and take care of it all. There was no need for them to take up arms, there was no need to march, because its being handled, all we need to do is wait, and by the time anyone would realize this promise was in fact nonsense, it would be too late. The body politic would be installed into their seat of power and there is nothing short of a second revolution that could be done to fix the situation. They, the body politic, the deep state would become so entrenched to protect themselves by using the system we pay for via our taxes and shielded by the media and big tech both of which is in the pockets of the deep state to take over our country and strip the citizens of their freedoms.

So where do we go from here I am unsure, I take refuge in my beliefs of a higher power’s plan, Gods plan. Other than that there is one thing that definitely does need to be learned from this and that is the people of this nation who value their God given freedoms the US Constitution affords them can no longer allow themselves to be tricked and neutered by this sort of counterintelligence tactic and instead they need to identify it and cut it off before it can do its damage to their movement. Past that I am not sure what it is that needs to be done or can be done to fix things for the future at this point but just sitting back waiting for some superman hero to come and fix it is not going to cut the cake, if anything the job is going to fall squarely on the shoulders of the people of this country to fix it, I just hope its not too late.

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