Whohe (AKA Walter Wallace Jr) – “Stop Playin” Rapper who Attacked Police with a Knife and was Shot Monday, October 26th 2020 (Watch Video)

First and foremost Walter Wallace Jr is no saint. He has a a very long history with local police and a extremely lengthy arrest record including the stabbing the mother of his children, domestic abuse, armed robbery, assault, destruction of a police property and many more charges all going all the way back to his records being a minor which are sealed by the court. Unfortunately I’m sure his juvenile record is just as long if not longer than his adult criminal record. The media is painting this man to be some sort of victim or innocent “family man” but by his own definition Walter Wallace Jr fancied himself a gun toting felon, who was a career criminal that would not submit to any law. This is ever so apparent in his music video and lyrics as an aspiring musician, as seen in this video by Whohe AKA Walter Wallace Jr titled “Stop Playin” that is the repeated theme over and over again. If you are unclear about Walter Wallace Jr, he was the man who continued to stalk and attack Philadelphia police officers with a knife until he was shot to death on Monday, October 26, 2020 at 4 PM. The Philadelphia officers who have had an extensive history with Walter Wallace Jr gave him numerous lawful orders commanding him to put down the knife and stop pursuing the officers. This situation now has given the local population an excuse to riot and loot in the name of “Black Lives Matter” destroying local stores stealing groceries, clothing, sneakers, electronics and appliances because nothing quite says social justice like stealing a new stove. It is also important to note on the same day several other African Americans were murdered in the city of Philadelphia one of which a child, that the media, Black Life Matters and everyone else has seemingly ignored because it does not fit with the make-believe narrative of white cops killing black people that the liberal left keeps pushing to further their political agenda.

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