The Ease of Hacking Dominion Voting Machines and Software! (Watch Video)

This is the both the hardware and software that is used to record, store and tabulate our voting system data in US elections. Although it is not used in every state it is important to note it was used in the majority of counties in all of the swing states that are in question right now. PA, GA, MI, MN, NC, AZ and NV are among the main ones and there are many others. The company and the machines and software all have direct ties to the Clinton foundation but more importantly George Soro’s Open Society Foundations a sworn enemy of America, as well as China and the data is counted in Germany, and in Spain by a company owned by affiliates of Chavez and Maduro who if you do not know are also enemies of America and western society as a whole. Left or right the clear and present danger of fraud accompanied with all of actual hard evidence of fraud coming to light should set off alarms in ANY Americans head, if not frankly you are asleep or under some sort of delusion! According to numerous hackers both the software and hardware provided by Dominion and their partner companies is “some of the simplest software to infiltrate undetected and tamper with.” Apparently, the hardware is even simpler then the software since there is access ports that “anyone with a spare few minutes access can completely compromise the system and its data”. This is America, the strongest, smartest and wealthiest country that has graced this earth and this is the best we can do to secure our nation? We trust something so important, one of our actual cornerstones to our Republic to some foreign owned third party companies being manufactured in third world countries headed up by known enemies of our nation? How the hell can anyone think that is a good idea and accept that as the best way to deal with our elections? I think not! I think it’s time to demand that this be fixed! We the American people cannot blindly accept any voting results from any election including this one as long as there is this much vulnerability to the system. We need to demand an all voting being photo ID verified by signature or a new national voter ID like Read ID with all the new bio metrics security features available! Another hacker mentions it was “harder to hack someone’s iPhone then it was the latest software update from Dominion” that is INSANE! We all need to contact our representatives both State and Federal, and demand this issue be not only taken seriously but addressed immediately! We will not accept any decision until this fraud and corruption is addressed!

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