President’s Day 2021 +890,000 Watch Trump’s Parade While Less Than 35,000 Watch Joe Biden’s Speech Live but Sure Biden Won!

No matter what liberal narrative the main stream media, in lock step with the Democratic Party keeps trying to force feed the masses using project mocking bird, the real numbers do not lie. On Presidents’ Day Monday February 15th 2021 President Donald Trump held a celebration Parade in West Palm Beach, Florida which was streamed live at to the tune of 881,960 views with 77K likes and 1.2K dislikes while the usurper Joe Biden also had his President’s Day speech streaming live racking up a meager 49,016 views with only 1.3K likes with a deafening 8.2K dislikes! Both of these totals were recorded 7 hours after each of their streams went live which simply proves yet again that Biden has very little drawing power and almost no likability whatsoever. It is clear to anyone with three brain cells or more watching this entire circus unfold that the Biden presidency is nothing more than a fraud!


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