Orange County California Government Attempts to Remove Parental Consent Forcing Covid-19 Vaccine on Children! Human Rights Attorney Leigh Dundas Steps In! (Watch Video)

Orange County California Government knew exactly what they were doing when they attempted to sidestep the law and totally dismantle and fully remove parental consent forcing children of California to receive the COVID-19 vaccination.

They went as far as to propose   that full multi shot COVID-19 vaccination be mandatory but that notification to parents was completely unnecessary. This is not the only county or the only state proposing such fascist type laws but Berkeley California civil rights and human rights attorney Leigh Dundas intervened immediately speaking truths you will not hear elsewhere! Please ignore the speed at which she is speaking, in attempt to limit oppositions ability to make a worthwhile argument, speak in time to address the issue was cut in half!  In a country which claims to be free the government is pulling out every trick they can to force this experimental vaccination on its people!  Not since Nazi Germany how do we see in such a betrayal of the people by an elected government so batten down the hatches as it’s only going to get worse!

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