Joe Biden’s Inauguration: The Largest Criminal Use of Misdirection of All Time

What 80 million Biden votes looks like, a empty inauguration for a false victory.

What you all witnessed on Wednesday January 20th 2021, and when I say all the TV ratings and numbers prove this to be a very small number, was the largest pre-produced criminal use of misdirection of all times. The facts are pretty simple for anyone, left, right or center to understand and agree upon and the victims of this crime are on both sides of the isle, it’s just unfortunate there are some who are too “in the bag” to see it for what it is. Here is just the tip of the obvious iceberg that no one especially main stream media is stalking about (Gee I wonder why?) In simple terms, why do you think the military was brought in to DC in such a massive amount to secure the inauguration? A force of 25,000 national guard troops alone not counting the other branches of the military and the police is a bit overkill. To put it in perspective during WWII for the D-Day landing the US sent in 23,250 troops on Utah Beach and another 34,250 on Omaha Beach. We literally saw half of the US invasion forces of Normandy for WWII used to ” Secure DC” for Joe Biden’s inauguration? This is a joke to say the least! This was FAR larger of a force needed to do that job and further any force such as this size and scope would have easily been able to maintain peace of any size crowd showing up for the inauguration especially when you take into consideration the control of the check points coming into DC, the military had DC on lock many days before this event that is for sure. So why then?

Subterfuge: Almost the same number of troops the US sent to Normandy on D-Day used to protect The Biden Presidential Inauguration!

Why the big show? If not to protect DC from some fabricated thinly veiled threat of riots? Why? Simple, that whole production was simply subterfuge to hide the fact that there was going to be almost no attendance for Joe Biden’s inauguration. Regardless of the main stream media (project mockingbird) trying to hide the turn out we all saw at Joe Biden’s amazing events with his drawing power during the 2020 presidential race and more important during the Democratic Party presidential primaries when he was named Democratic Party candidate, a choice made by the party not the voters that clearly upset the larger percentage of Democratic voters who were behind Bernie Sanders. Between the lies, fraud, and manipulation the deep state usurped the Democratic Party candidate choice and then further usurped the entire US election processes. From the start of 2020 the election process and then the election its self was stolen, not from Donald Trump but from the entire American public. No self-respecting Democratic can tell me they agree that Joe Biden brought in 11,785,484 (Eleven million seven hundred eighty-five thousand four hundred eighty-four) more the Obama!?! The Democratic party has been taken over by the deep state, that is clear, and their vote has been rendered meaningless as they have no control over their candidates. Further any constitutionally correct Republican will tell you there was at least enough foul play here to at least merit a full federal investigation which it did not. In this case the American people have lost, the election and possibly their republic as it is clear when the deep state has their agenda it will be done by any and all means and they will go to great lengths to hide this including activating close to 40,000 US Military from all branches to simply hide the fact that Joe Biden’s inauguration would have produced less people then were at the grand opening of that new McDonalds over in in Las Colinas! Nothing more then a empty inauguration for a false victory (See the photo of what 80 Million Votes Looks Like)

Left: Worldwide White House live stream numbers prove a lack of interest with only a crippling 384K views total after being available on line for 20 hours! Right: Trump DC rally with a staggering turn out.

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