Don’t Forget To Wear A Mask And Get Vaccinated For You And For Them! Don’t Trust It!

Do you remember all those other times science and the medical industry suggested things for us to do for our own health that they swore they knew what they were talking about and they guaranteed us that it was safe? Licensed doctors, nurses, scientists and professionals in the medical industry about the course of time have suggested that we use heroin for headaches, thalidomide to prevent miscarriages, cocaine for toothaches, opium for coughs, amphetamines for weight loss, nicotine for digestion, DDT on the skin to keep away insects and fluoride for strong teeth! These are the same morons who also suggested Mercury to go in tour teeth feelings, asbestos in your home for floor tile and the great idea of giving your children as young as one year old beer to help them sleep! At the same time, none of them pointed to the real help which is a proper balance diet, vitamins, getting good sleep and keeping a strong immune system! Why? Because none of these things can be controlled, mass marketed and sold to you! They come from nature and the powers that be cannot control them and or distort them to kill you. There is no profit in cure, only in treatment why do you think they keep you sick? And now you’re going to trust them to tell you that wearing a mask helps spread a virus that is molecularly smaller than the smallest openings in the masks and that a vaccine containing mercury, fetal tissues and experimental genetically altering RNA is going to be the cure all pushed by a virus that has a 99.97% recovery rate that only affects a small percentage of our population when lord knows no vaccines have ever eradicated any virus! Wake up people, evil exists, there’s a nefarious plot to dumb society down and to thin the herd to below 500 million people globally all sold under the subterfuge of trying to help the general population. Doctors and nurses only know what they’re taught, they only regurgitate what they’ve been fed by the authorities, the very same authorities who have institutionalize this unnecessary fear and panic. “never waste a good crisis” especially if you’ve orchestrated it!  99% of the medical industry mean to help but they know no better, and time and time again it has been proven they were drastically wrong and what they prescribed to help only caused harm.

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