A Cowardly New World

On Columbus day weekend we used to hear about the new world, and all the hope and promise it offered to those looking to escape persecution by escaping Europe. In the last 15 years however, we have been reeducated to believe Columbus was a good old fashioned chauvinist and hate monger who ruthlessly killed and eliminated the native Americans from their native land, and that all European persons are inherently evil for the tone of their skin. Whether this is true or not, this holiday weekend in 2020 we are faced with another new world, one with an even less promising outlook for future generations, pending how things are leveraged politically.

When one thinks of dystopic futures, one may not need to look any further than 2020 and the upcoming period following the elections in America. The new normal will give you your daily dose of 1984, from temperature scans before entering facilities, business lockdowns, to full invasion of personal privacy, Americans every day are becoming more and more compliant with being conditioned, and why wouldn’t they? Mask shaming has become a serious problem in America. Mask bullies take it upon themselves to further the guilt on people making it clear that personal choice is no longer a choice, but we must all share in mass hysteria, and it couldn’t be any more apparent than in this years election.

We have 2 sides that show completely different outcomes for America. One promising to feed into the fears of coronavirus by making it mandatory that they follow the government mandated science, and will require every man, woman and child to wear a mask, and the other which is receiving much criticism from the mainstream media for having gatherings of thousands not social distancing and not wearing a mask. So that begs the question, which side of the mask debate does the average citizen fall under?

We have been told that there is a great danger that we can’t see. Its quite similar to the scenario in ‘The Village’ by M. Night Shyamalan. The danger is there, trust us! The talking heads in charge have laid their decree upon you, and you better listen. If not you will be treated like a leper and become a social outcast. In fact, it seems the mask-less individuals in the world may not mind that. Those that don’t wear masks have no problem being around others who do not desire to. Meanwhile the same virtue signal is purveyed by the mask advocates that you seen from the #StayTheFuckHome advocates.

It creates an interesting scenario. In such “unprecedented times” the margin of error allowed is massive. So large in fact that Florida misreported their infection rate by an 80% margin. This, like with most media, is only important when the shocking info is put out there. The retraction is never quite as impressive.


Let’s, just for a moment, take out of the equation the medical exemptions, i will follow those later quite extensively due to psycholigically continued discrimination against persons with medical exemptions, today, lets evaluate the numbers YTD, and the stigma that surrounds those numbers.

When we look at those numbers from 2018, 2019 and 2020, what you would expect to see is a huge discrepancy. You would expect all the numbers to have stayed moderately the same. Car crashes haven’t stopped, and people have only been tempted more and more to hit the drive through due to lack of anything else to do, so we can figure heart conditions haven’t gone away, but how do those numbers look year to date?

As of 10/8/20
2018 = 2,839,205
2019 = 2,855,000

And NOW! WITH COVID… THE U.S. HAS LOST… (are you ready?) 2020 = 2,158,396

We are On Pace to have 2,805,868 U.S. Deaths THIS YEAR!! Less than each of the past 2 years!
This begs the question, why are we shut down.

The numbers are in. They’re not fixed or cooked in the overall statistics. With numbers so closely related YTD, and further digging into causes of pnemonia/flu vs pnemonia/Covid/Flu it must make us ask the question: Is our collective fear logical and rational? With the loss in production from covid we have seen over 100,000 small businesses close forever (See Link) and that was just as of May! We also are set ro face a famine of biblical proportions in the 3rd world. According to CNN “The WFP had already warned that 2020 would be a devastating year for numerous countries ravaged by poverty or war, with 135 million people facing crisis levels of hunger or worse. Their updated projections nearly double that number.” (See Link)
Isn’t it either short sighted to blame the president saying even one US life is too many when it comes to the covid pandemic, but no one is even acknowledging the fate of over 135 million people who rely on our economy?

Thats what we must ask going forward into this election cycle, and moving forward with what they want to make your new normal in their brave new world. If the numbers don’t support the hysteria, and its on a global scale this is carried out, is this simply a coup by the UN to overthrow the independence of the United States? When do we start holding Dr Fauci, the governors who have ruined thousands of lives, and the businesses that have discriminated against endless counts of disabled individuals criminally & financially responsible for the damages they have caused, all in the name of the greater good.

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